Hello and thanks for visiting my Website!
I live in the Highlands of Scotland, a destination for millions of tourists from around the world, who visit to enjoy the beautiful scenery and where the Lochs and Mountains provide Nature's stunning backdrop throughout the Seasons.

I am a keen amateur photographer who started taking photographs with a Nikon D3200 and an 18-300mm lens. I've recently started using a Nikon D90 and a 24-70mm lens, which I hope will raise my game.

Other Photographers, what they see and how they capture their images; never fail to impress. The Film Directors, who capture that living, breathing, moving image which stays with you for a lifetime; prove equally inspiring.

I particularly enjoy creating abstract macro images, and building on my studio experience where I try to create a photo story. Always looking to build on my post processing skills in-order-to raise the standard of my final images.

When I'm not working, besides photography, I'm either writing, reading or researching. At the back of my mind, planning which part of the World to discover next.

I hope you enjoy the photographs I have created here, and if any image captures your attention, please do not hesitate to send me a message through the Contact Form.

Thanks again for stopping by and please note that the pictures on my website are low res files in order to allow for quicker navigation.


PS - I always wanted to be a mermaid.

I always wanted to be a mermaid...